Sovereign Talent Group

October 6, 2013

Elizabeth just signed for commercial representation with Sovereign Talent Group. 310-474-4000 X25

REVIEWS FOR In The Next Room or the vibrator play

October 6, 2013

Elizabeth Southard as Annie, Dr. Givings assistant, is magnificent. Her performance is understated compared to the antics taking place around her, yet painful in its honesty. - Kat Michels, Culver City News


August 27, 2013

A WOW from Steven Stanleys StageSceneLA - In The Production Companys maiden effort at the Secret Rose, director August Viverito has elicited one standout performance after another.

-while Southard combines starched efficiency and womanly warmth as nurse Annie.

-Every one of those seats should sell out as Angelenos who missed South Coast’s unfortunately brief production in 2010 are finally introduced to Ruhl’s brilliant play

Theatre News!

August 13, 2013

Elizabeth is very proud to be a part of The Production Companys, In The Next Room, or The Vibrator Play, by Sarah Ruhl. This opens at The Secret Rose Theatre on August 24, 2013.


April 2, 2013

Elizabeth just wrapped 3 days of filming on The Golden Age - with the very talented actor/musician/singer/songwriter/director/filmmaker - Justin Connor. Check out the trailer !

Theatre News!

January 18, 2013

Elizabeth just opened in Jennifer Sorensons first play - I Fart In My Sleep - Confessions of an Embarrassing Life - at The Production Company.

Readings & More Readings!

September 24, 2012

Elizabeth loves to work with writers on their developing works and has 4 readings coming up in October/November.

Living The Dream by Monica Torres. Nov 13, @ The Eclectic Company Theatre. 8pm.

Hello Herman, by John Buffalo Mailer. Oct 29, @ The Production Company. 8pm.

Memory Grove by Dean Farell Bruggeman - 2012 semifinalist for the Eugene O`Neill Theater Center`s National Playwrights Conference - Oct 15 at The Production Company. 8pm.

Jennifer Sorenson`s, I Fart In my Sleep, @ The Production Company, Oct 7, 8pm.


September 10, 2012

Elizabeth just got accepted into two highly acclaimed LA theatre companies - The Road in NOHO and The Production Company at The Lex. Very excited to see the opportunities that will follow.

A Frog In Boiling Water

August 5, 2012

Elizabeth just won the Audience Voted Award for Best Performance at The Eclectic Company Theatre's One Act Playwriting Festival!

A Frog in Boiling Water by Dallas Woodburn

July 29, 2012

Just completed a weekend of Dallas Woodburn's play: A Frog In Boiling Water for the Eclectic Company Theatre's Ninth One Act Playwriting Festival. Directed by Dean Farell Bruggeman w/Colin Goodrich and Bernard Burlew.

Also, "A Frog in Boiling Water" has been selected to be performed in NYC this October as part of the Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival!


June 24, 2012

At The International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality in Jakarta, Indonesia, David Anders and Julian Sands both receive the Jury Award for Best Male Lead and The Maiden & The Princess wins the Award of Excellence!!!

Criminal Minds

March 22, 2012

Elizabeth shot a co-star role on Criminal Minds today, opposite Joe Mantegna & Richard Henning. Great experience!

The Maiden and The Princess Latest News!

March 16, 2012

The Maiden and The Princess has played at 29 festivals and has won 13 awards! Please go to the film's website to see the details.

The Maiden and The Princess

March 16, 2012

Won a Student Emmy! Details will be announced on March 31st, 2012.

Lagniappe by Dean Farell Bruggeman

March 16, 2012

We are on to the 3rd draft of this wonderful play. Next reading will be at The Eclectic Company Theatre on Tues March 27th at 8pm. Wine & cheese reception. Please come and see this wonderful play with an amazing cast.

Awards & Nominations for The Maiden & The Princess !

October 28, 2011

The Maiden and The Princess has been nominated for Best Children's Film at The Toronto International Film and Video Awards

Maiden director, Ali Scher just won the DGA Jury Award in the Woman Student filmmaker category.

Maiden wins Best Graduate Student Short at FirstGlance Film Festivals (Hollywood, Philadelphia)!!!!

Maiden takes home Best Short Film at The Accolade Competition.

The Maiden and The Princess has been selected as the winner for this year's Groundbreaker INTEL Hatch Your Passion Filmmaker Award!

The Maiden and The Princess was nominated for FOUR Maverick Movie Awards! Congrats to Daniel Hanna for his editing nomination, Tricia Robertson for production design, Vanessa Leon for make-up, and Ari Levinson and Danny Padron for special effects! GO TEAM!!!

Maiden takes home an Audience Choice Award at the HollyShorts Film Festival.

Lagniappe by Dean Farell Bruggeman

October 16, 2011

Elizabeth enjoyed reading the very funny Chelsea in another of Dean Farell Bruggeman's plays; LAGNIAPPE, at The Eclectic Company Theatre on October 16, 2011.

Memory Grove - a reading at The Blank Theatre.

September 19, 2011

Elizabeth was honored to have been a part of the rehearsed staged reading at Noah Wyle's The Blank Theatre on September 19. This was for Dean Farell Bruggeman's play, MEMORY GROVE.

Hump In The Night

July 15, 2011

Elizabeth had the most wonderful time working with director JC Gafford at The Eclectic Company Theatre. The play, Things That Go Hump In The Night, by Peggy Dougherty, was voted Best Playwright by the audience.

The Maiden & The Princess Film Festival News!

July 5, 2011

The Maiden & The Princess has been selected for:
1.The Palm Springs International Film Festival & ShortFest (June 2011)
2.Outfest in LA (July 2011)
3.Rhode Island International Film Festival (Aug 2011)
4.HollyShorts Film Festival (Aug 2011)
5.The Williamstown Film Festival (Aug)
6.One of only 14 films selected for the FirstGlance Film Festival Philadelphia (Aug).

"The Maiden and the Princess" Trailer

March 24, 2011

The link for the trailer of the film "The Maiden and the Princess" that Elizabeth filmed in 2010.


March 13, 2011

Elizabeth had the amazing opportunity to spend a week rehearsing with Steven Berkoff for his new play; 'Six Actors in Search of a Director.' This rehearsed staged reading was performed at The Odyssey on Sunday March 13.


January 15, 2011

"The scenario features some outstanding cameos; notably Jeffrey Phillips as Art Nicely, and Elizabeth Southard as Salka Viertel among an able cast of ensemble players."




January 10, 2011

Elizabeth loved playing a Russian housekeeper in Dean Farell Bruggeman's staged reading of his hilarious comedy 'Hollywood Perfume' at The Eclectic Company Theatre.


September 10, 2010

Elizabeth is very excited to be working with Michael Peretzian at The Odyssey Theatre. Christopher Hampton's TALES FROM HOLLYWOOD opens Oct 16.


August 22, 2010

The 2010 Eclectic Co. Theatre One Act Festival Winners for Block C: AUDIENCE VOTED!

Best Actress - Elizabeth Southard for "The Confession"

Best Playwright - Lyssa Ray Richardson for "The Confession"

Best Director - Maria Markosov for "The Confession"

Best Production - "The Confession" (Director - Maria Markosov)

THE CONFESSION, Eclectic Company Theatre, AUG 2010

August 14, 2010

"Elizabeth Southard plays the part of cold-hearted woman well--and frankly, we wouldn't want to be married to her either. Southard's the one to watch in this one."



August 6, 2010

The Eclectic Company Theatre's One Act Playwriting Festival is ON NOW. Elizabeth is in THE CONFESSION. Fri and Sat Aug 6 and 7th @ 8pm and Sun 8 @ 2pm. And Fri 13, Sat 14 Aug @ 8pm and Sun Aug 15 @ 2pm. Runs only for 2 weekends.

"Elizabeth Southard plays the part of cold-hearted woman well--and frankly, we wouldn't want to be married to her either. Southard's the one to watch in this one."


June 25, 2010

Elizabeth is excited to have a small part in the acclaimed web-series, The Best Friend.


June 23, 2010

Elizabeth filmed another short, Comic Book Boy.


June 1, 2010

Elizabeth just filmed the short "The Maiden & The Princess," starring Julian Sands and David Anders, with Peter O'Meara (Leap Year, Band of Brothers) as her husband.


March 17, 2010

The cast are working hard on getting funding to produce their 2008 LA WEEKLY THEATER PICK production of "Daughters of Heaven" for a run in London in 2010. This is the 'Heavenly Creatures' story.


April 6, 2009

"Also giving sterling performances are Brenda Beck and Elizabeth Southard as brilliantly contrasting mothers." - BACKSTAGEWEST

"Director Judith Bohannon and an extremely committed ensemble grace this tale with a poetic sadness that makes the show a memorable evening..." - LA WEEKLY



April 6, 2009

“Elizabeth Southard as Mrs. Patterson, Suzanne's socially pretentious mother who offers strong clues to the roots of her daughter's emotional dysfunction.” - VARIETY

"Carver’s staging is nicely timed...with a strong cameo from Elizabeth Southard, playing Suzanne’s English mum." - LA WEEKLY

“…when her snooty British Mother also turns up (a funny Elizabeth Southard).” - TOLUCAN TIMES

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